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Our number one priority is food safety.  We focus on providing the safest product on the market.  From employee training, to produce traceability, to company-wide cleanliness procedures we exhaust all measures to ensure safety. All employees go through rigorous training when hired. We continue training throughout the season to make sure they are 100% in compliance, to ensure the quality of our products. Go-Ro Fresh works with PrimusLabs as a 3rd party auditor to further ensure our guaranteed safety standards.     

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Our unique products are what makes Go-Ro Fresh special. We are proud to say we grow products that most farms don’t.  We are always looking for our next specialty product, to further set us apart.

Go-Ro Fresh is committed to growing, packing, and delivering the freshest, safest and best quality bunched herbs, greens and root crops on the market. We strive, every day of the year, to grow the best crops possible. From a strategic planting schedule to investing in the latest and best equipment, and most importantly our employees. We make sure they're well trained and ready to provide our customers with top of the line produce following strict Food Safety programs.​

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Through the experience of owner James Goebbert, a 5th-generation farmer from the Chicagoland area, we are a leader in the Chicago specialty produce market.  We specialize in bunched greens, herbs and root crops.