About Go-Ro Fresh

J & J Dill, LLC was started in 2006, by James Goebbert.  Growing up, James took pride in spending many hours in the field with his father Lloyd Goebbert, and his grandfather Jim Goebbert.  James is a 5th-generation farmer, and is proud to keep the farming tradition going.  The time spent with these two experienced, knowledgeable farmers taught James the ins and outs of farming.

From the solid work ethic James learned early on, he started pursuing his dream of farming by growing dill on his family’s farm, Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch.  Juggling three sports and school work, James managed to successfully run his business known as J and J Dill, LLC.  By James' senior year in high school he employed eight full-time seasonal employees.  Thanks to his farming family, James gained skills to successfully grow J and J Dill, LLC.  By 2009, when graduating high school, he made a decision to buy a small farm in Union, IL, and get right into the business. Putting 100% effort into his business J and J Dill, LLC grew rapidly. Starting with dill to now growing over twenty different herbs and vegetables James' brand, known as Go-Ro Fresh, can be bought in stores all around the Chicagoland area. 

 Consistently providing good produce to his customer's, his business continued to grow.  During this time, James created the J & J Dill, LLC, brand Go-Ro Fresh.  Go-Ro Fresh represents premier produce displayed on the shelves of popular grocery stores, markets and even famous restaurant dishes!

We continue to keep up with trends, technology, and the competitive market.  Having the latest technology, growing the best varieties, and being as efficient as possible is KEY to owning a successful farm, these days. Understanding this, we spend considerable time traveling to conferences, farm visits, and learning from experts what the industry is, and will be doing.  J and J Dill, LLC strives to set the standard, not follow it. This is why our mission statement focuses on always providing the best, safest, and most consistent product possible.